It’s been a great month for me and Pink Zebra. I’ve meet a lot of new customers, booked some parties and had 2 great event this past month at the Rowan Rescue Squad and Chantelle Farms. My team member Nina and I did a Sprinkle Bar! We had it set up where you could grab a jar and mix up your own fragrance from our Sprinkles we had available or you could take home the one that was your favorite! I think we will definitely be doing the Sprinkle Bar again for future events. April is already booked each weekend with an event or in home parties!! But no worries if your interested in partying in April contact me and lets get you booked!! I love to party during the week as well!!


So everyone knows about our sprinkles, BUT our soaks can also be used in different ways as well. Our Soaks are applied to our “Just Add Soaks” absorbent products like Go-Cards and Naked Reeds. Our Go-Cards are mobile air fresheners ready to accept your personal blend of Soaks fluid. Our Naked Reeds are our re-sealable Pink Zebra Diffusers (natural sticks in a bottle of liquid fragrance) in a dry form that you add your Soaks liquid to.All of our 26 Soaks are blendable and can be mixed with each other. I definitely love to make my own recipes!

My favorite Just Add Soaks is the Woolies! They are cute, fun and smell great when you add your favorite Soaks. Check them out herehttps://www.pinkzebrahome.com/ashleytucker

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Each month Pink Zebra comes out with a new sprinkle scent. This month it’s Mint Julep! Smooth Kentucky Bourbon and fresh mint served on the rocks – a perfect fragrance for the derby or enjoying sunshine filled spring days!
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I am most defiantly dreaming of the beach days to come for my family and I. Are you ready for warm weather after this crazy winter we have had. Seems like Spring was around the corner then last week we were back in hoodies! As a consultant with Pink Zebra I am part of Club Pink where i have the chance to get the new sprinkles and exclusive host shades. I am in love with April’s shade, Check it out! The only way you can earn this shade is to host a party of your own. Interested? Let’s Chat!
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