Pink Zebra

Wanna know what all the hype is about Pink Zebra? Pink Zebra

was founded in 2011. With over 25 years of home fragrance & décor industry experience, we are committed to bringing you highly consumable products with an opportunity to change your life and others´ lives, too!

With our Sprinkles, you can design endless custom fragrance recipes that are “Uniquely Yours,” as we like to say. Our wax comes from soy beans and proudly made at our distribution center in Berea, Kentucky! You can use as little or as much of our scented Sprinkles as you’d like, but they are very potent and each fragrance is tested at our lab in a 20×20 foot room! You’ll get more product for your money and it’s non-toxic and gluten free in case anyone is tempted to eat them!

All Pink Zebra products are designed to allow you to customize your fragrance. Our Pink Zebra product developers are women who love change and have designed all our products to encourage change affordably. We believe in everything we design so much that we guarantee every product 100%. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, we will replace the item.


Each month Pink Zebra comes out with a new sprinkle scent. This month it’s Sweet Tea! Yes you guys it really smells like Sweet Tea and my mind was blown lol Just imagine the possibilities of being able to mix the scent with sprinkles like Raspberry or Lemon!! Yes Sweet Tea is not a favorite of everyone BUT maybe next month 🙂

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