I joined, now what do I do?

I am so glad you asked 🙂 First off WELCOME to Pink Zebra!! I just know you are going to love it!!

I know as a new consultant you are going to have tons of questions so I will try my best to answer them here or you can contact me here.

Tell Everyone! As like any new adventure your excited to get your name out there and let everyone know you are selling Pink Zebra. My first suggestion let everyone in Facebook land now that you are now set up to offer them our amazing products. If you don’t have Facebook pick up that phone.

Set up your launch party. You haven’t received you kit yet I know but it’s not to early to get your first party on the books. With hosting a launch party you are the hostess and any host rewards earned during this party are yours to keep. Exciting right? Keep it simple and don’t stress or spend tons of money on decorations. Trust me everything in your starter kit is just enough to let everyone know the great things Pink Zebra has to offer.

Order Business Cards. As a new business owner, YES THAT’S YOU, it’s important to have cards on hand to let people know how to get a hold of you. I ordered mine through our back office from Town & Country. There are plenty other places such as Vista Print, Staples, Office Max or even create your own at home. When you are at certain places you are able to leave your business cards there so that other’s can find them and pick them up. Be sure to put your name, phone number, website and if you have a Facebook page just for your business add that too.

Learn our Back Office. I know when I first got started I was excited to learn all I could learn about Pink Zebra. First place to start our back office. Log into your back office using your consultant id and password.

1. Log Into ZebraNET And Review The Menu>1st 90 Days.
2. Review The Quick Start PDF And Set A Plan To Earn 575
Pink Dollars toward FREE Products.
3. Set 3 Goals I Want To Accomplish In My Business And How
They Can Help My Family Or Myself.
4. Create My F-R-A-N-K List Found In The Getting Started
Guide PDF.
5. Set Up My Launch Parties.
 Set up 2 launch parties within 48 – 72 hours of each other. Why?
This will help for those who can’t attend your first party (provides
you a simple, “Oh I understand, that is why I have another date on
____!” and will help you with more sales and bookings toward your
Quick Start Rewards!
6. Set Up My Facebook Page and Join Consultant Corner To
Connect With Others About My New Business.
 Make sure you follow the Social Media Guidelines for properly
naming your page. (Review Marketing and Advertising in your
policy manual).
 Join the Company sponsored Facebook Consultant Corner by
having your upline follow the steps outlined on ZebraNET Main
7. Get To Know My ZebraNET.
 Spend time viewing menus and sign up for the upcoming Training
Webinar under Calendar.
8. Set Up My Account With My Credit Card And Direct Deposit
 Simply go to ZebraNET>My Account
9. Order Business Cards And Set Up A Checking Account For
My Business.
10. Get To Know My New Company
 Review the catalog and the Product FAQ PDF

Use your Pink Zebra Products! In order to sing the praises of our wonderful products, you must of course use them and fall in love with them. Which we know that’s why you made the step to join our team and start selling. YAY!! Study and learn all you can about our products so when someone ask you about them you are confident in your answer. It help’s when your at a party to know so you don’t get caught off guard BUT if you do no problem let them know you just started this journey and your learning more and more and can find out the answer from your upline and get back with them.

Set your goals. I myself made a vision board. This stays on my desk so that i can be reminded or why i want to go far with Pink Zebra. Your goals can be small or big. Take a look at our quick start goals to help you get started.

1st 30 days- You Achieve $500 in sales (in retail) you are awarded $75 in Pink Dollars which can be used to purchase any product.  Your 30 days starts the day you order your kit.

Level 2- $1000 in personal sales between days 31-60 and receive $125 Pink Dollars.  NOTE: Pink Dollars roll over. If you do $800 in you first 30 days, $300 will roll over to your second quick start.

Level 3- $1000 in personal sales between days 61-90 you receive $150 Pink Dollars

If you hit all 3 quick starts, that’s $350 in FREE PRODUCT!

If you don’t hit Quick Start 1, you can still hit QS2 and 3!

Quick Start Sponsoring Bonus –  in your first 90 days, your first 3 recruits who hit their QS1 ($500 in first 30 days) You will get $75 Pink Dollars for each recruit! That’s another $225 in FREE PRODUCT! Don’t feel pressured to start a team. Pink Zebra does not require you to have a team.

If you have any other questions or know of something I can add to the list reach out to me. I’d love to help!!